Upcoming Events?

  1. Wellington, New Zealand, March 2016
  2. USA, The Catskills, NY, April 2016

Rails Camps are becoming regular fixtures in countries like Australia, UK, USA, Denmark and Poland. It would be awesome to see more happen elsewhere. Rails Camps happen because people make them happen. People like you.

Wellington, New Zealand, March 2016


Starts on the afternoon of Friday March 18th, and runs until the morning of Monday 21st.


At the YMCA Camp Kaitoke 55 minutes drive from Wellington CBD.

Can Haz?

Please do come along! If you'd like to register, early bird tickets are NZ$300 with student and unwages options too. All tickets include food, drink, accomodation, and transport ride to and from Wellington Central Rails Station. We expect tickets to be in high demand so act now before it's too late!!

What to Bring
  • Clothes
  • Laptop
  • A cellphone loaded up with data for getting the latest packages, documentation, accessing APIs, asking stack overflow for help etc...
  • Camera
  • Chargers
  • Toothbrush & Toiletries
  • Towel
  • A sleeping bag & pillow.
  • Earplugs
  • Any medications you take regularly
  • Snacks that you can’t live without
Get Involved

The best way to stay up to date with camp details and chatting with other attendees before hand is in the Ruby NZ #railscamp Slack Channel and @Railscamp_NZ on Twitter.

USA, The Catskills, NY, April 2016


Starts on the afternoon of Friday April 8th, and runs until morning on Monday 11th.


At The Ashokan Center, two hours north of New York City, in the heart of the Catskills.

Can Haz?

Please do come along! If you'd like to register, regular tickets are $360, while diversity tickets are $280. Both tickets include food, accomodation, and bus ride to and from NYC (either JFK or Port Authority)! There is a limit, and registering early will ensure you get a spot and gives us more time to organize amazing things.

What to Bring
  • Warm clothes
  • Warmer clothes
  • Laptop
  • Camera
  • Chargers
  • Toothbrush & Toiletries
  • Towels
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillowcase
  • Your alcoholic beverages of choice, bus will be making a pit stop, don't worry!
  • Any medications you take regularly
  • Snacks that you can’t live without
  • Any data, files etc that you’d normally rely on getting from the Internet
Get Involved

The Rails Camp Google group is where you’ll find announcements and discussions about projects, hardware, software, board games etc.
You can also follow @railscamp_USA for all the updates.

Previous Events

Canberra, ACT, Australia, December 2015

At Camp Cottermouth, just outside Canberra by the Murrumbidgee River.

Northern California, USA, September 2015

At Camp Jack Hazard, just three hours east of Sacramento in the beautiful Stanislaus National Forest.

Sydney, Australia, June 2015
Auckland, NZ, Jan 2015
Perth, Australia, Nov 2014
Brisbane, Australia, May 2014
Mt. Cheeseman, New Zealand, 2014
  • At Mt Cheeseman, a couple hours from Christchurch, New Zealand.
Yarramundi, NSW, Australia 2013
Bryant Pond, ME, USA, 2013
Cologne, Germany, 2013
Melbourne, AU, Jun 2013
Wellington, New Zealand 2013
Port Sorell, Tasmania, Australia 2012
  • At Camp Banksia, 20 minutes drive from Devonport or 1 hour drive from Launceston.
Bryant Pond, ME USA, June 2012
Gold Coast Hinterland, Australia, June 2012
Mt Cheeseman, New Zealand, February 2012
  • At Mt Cheeseman, a couple hours from Christchurch, New Zealand.
Adelaide, Australia, January 2012
  • At Woodhouse, Piccadilly, just outside of Adelaide, Australia.
Cercedilla, Madrid, Spain, Nov 2011
Hamburg, Germany, Oct 2011
Bryant Pond, ME, USA, Aug 2011
Lake Ainsworth, AU, Jun 2011
  • 130 people
  • cabins between Lake Ainsworth and the Pacific Ocean
  • presentations on git, gems, APIs and more
  • excellent coffee at Snapper's Corner
Wisła, PL, Apr 2011
  • At Przedwiośnie, 2 hours out of Kraków.
  • Approximately 60 people from Poland, Germany, England
  • Wrote daily 4000 lines of code (including 2600 while drinking), which test coverage is at 100%.
  • Drank 40 liters of Club Mate.
  • Eaten 50 kilograms of pizzas.
  • Eaten 120 sausages.
  • Drank 20 liters of vodka.
  • Got 250 euro from a deposit for returned beer bottles.
Wellington, NZ, Mar 2011
  • Approximately 44 people from all over Australia and New Zealand
  • An average of over 10 cups of coffee per person.
  • sessions on coffeescript, engines, web servers, Vim and more.
  • fireside chats and peaceful surrounds
  • Lots of hacking on Refinery, Rails Quest and others.
Perth, AU, Nov 2010
  • Approximately 120 people from all over Australia
  • 15 minutes drive from Perth's CBD
  • kegs of beer
  • sessions on freelancing, mental health for developers, rvm, git, iPhone dev and more
  • fireside chats
  • many excellent hacking projects
Stowe Vermont, USA, Sep 2010
  • Approximately 34 people from all over New England
  • session on Agile Development headed by Dan Pickett
  • The Seer managed to wipe out the entire village.
Canberra, AU, Apr 2010
  • Approximately 120 people from all over Australia
  • 10 minutes drive from Canberra's CBD
  • kegs of beer
  • sessions on vim, Carpets for Communities, CoffeeScript and more
  • Andrew Grimm vs. Michael Jackson
  • heated debate on the future of Railscamp
West Greenwich, RI, USA, Mar 2010
  • Approximately 40 people from all over New England
Melbourne, AU, Nov 2009
  • 130 people from all over Australia
  • Down by the beach
  • sessions on MacRuby, being a better Rails coder, testing with Cucumber, Shell Show & Tell, Vim, Warden, Kanban and more
  • Brains Hacking
  • Mob-driven Refactoring of Gistory
  • An Amphitheatre
Margate, Kent, UK, Oct 2009
Bryant Pond, ME, USA, Jul 2009
Gold Coast QLD, AU, May 2009
Piccadilly SA, AU, Nov 2008
Naumburg, DE, Nov 2008
  • 20 people from Germany and Finland
  • sessions about Cucumber, CouchDB, Agile Development, Factory Girl and more
Svendborg, DK, Oct 2008
Downe, Kent, UK, Aug 2008
Kariong NSW, AU, Jun 2008
Bacchus Marsh VIC, AU, Nov 2007
  • 40 people
  • 15 bottles of wine
  • 15 cases of beer
  • picturesque backdrop
  • hungover hiking
  • sessions on Ruby Cocoa, Git, Rspec, SCRUM and more
  • half a dozen Ruby projects
  • 1 leather man-kilt
Somersby NSW, AU, Jun 2007

Rails Camp Runs

Often Rails Camps have charity runs as part of their event - Railsrunners is built for this very purpose.